medics IVF is a comprehensive, legally compliant, cloud-based software platform for IVF, Obstetrics and Birth recording, for a single and large chain of IVF Clinics and Maternity Hospitals. It seamlessly integrates Administrative, Financial and Clinical workflows within and across clinics.

medics IVF comes with an integrated, powerful analytics that enables you to stay on top of your organization’s performance at all times.

Key Benefits

Consolidated Clinical overview

Efficient Patient follow-ups

Higher patient satisfaction

Strong Financial controls

Accurate business information -- 24/7

High Data Integrity

System enforced Legal compliance

Manage Growth

medics IVF is designed to help you grow seamlessly from a single to a large chain of clinics across multiple geographies.

Large chains of clinics can benefit from the following capabilities:

  • Centralised Master Data Management
  • Centralised Process and Protocol definitions
  • Well-defined financial controls across the chain using centralised Purchase & Discounting practices
  • Corporate and Clinic level performance analysis using integrated Data Analytics
  • Seamless patient mobility using a single Medical Record for a patient across all clinics

medics IVF is designed to support a Hierarchical Hub-and-spoke model.

  • Reduces cost and improves utilisation of Clinics and Labs
  • Patients can be moved seamlessly from a Spoke to a Hub for OPU, Fertilization and ET procedures and back again to the Spoke for further consultations

Key Features

Appointment Book

Optimise patient waiting times using our online Appointment Book. Reduce no-shows using the system’s timely appointment reminders via SMS and WhatsApp messages. Provide easy access to appointment booking through your own web page and external Appointment platforms.

Patient & Couple Management

Register Patient and Couple with unique IDs, Aadhaar card number and photo capture for both the Patient and the Partner. Print barcoded Patient ID cards for easy identification for all future visits.

Patient Follow up Management

Effectively manage enquiries from various sources (phone, email, WhatsApp, social media channels like FB).

Never miss a follow-up using our simple task management capability. Ensure all queries of Patients are adequately responded to on time.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Secure, convenient and online access to Medical history, Treatment history, Allergies, Examination done, Diagnosis, Treatment Advice, Prescriptions and Follow ups.

Patient Counselling

Setup team for counselling Patients on Treatments advised. Record and keep track of all communications with Patient – both Clinical and Financial.

Enable timely follow-ups of all patient queries and tracking patients till conversion

Treatment Cycle Management

Get a complete overview of all active Treatment Cycles and upcoming tasks using Treatment Cycle Dashboard.

Record treatment details for all types of Treatments like IUI, IVF, ICSI, FET -- all the way from initial consultation and Treatment Advice up to Outcome Recording. Configure depth of data recording as per your business and analytics needs.

Produce clean and accurate Treatment Summary Reports on completion of a Treatment Cycle.

medics IVF enforces all legal requirements of IVF practice in the country. It forces attachment of signed consent forms at all the configured stages of a Treatment Cycle, as per the norms of your organisation.

Donor Management

Register Donors based on Aadhar card for both Ovum and Semen. Assign and Reserve Donors to Recipient Treatment Cycles of a Patient. Record Ovum Donor cycles. Record Semen samples from external agencies.

Assign Ovum Donor to Recipient Treatment Cycle. Assign Donor Semen samples to Treatment Cycles.

Cryostorage Management

Systematically organise and accurately locate Ovum and Semen samples and Embryos from Clinic’s cryostorage. Track all usage of stored samples and those that are discarded.

Track payment status of stored embryos for the specified contract duration. Get alerted weeks in advance of expiry of contracts. Automatically send notifications to Patients for contract renewal and track them to closure.


Get a complete overview of all activities inside Andrology lab using the Andrology Dashboard.

Record partner and Donor semen samples. Record Cryostorage location details of frozen Semen samples.

Assign Semen samples to Treatment Cycles and issue them for fertilisation when required. Record sample preparation details before fertilisation.


Keep all tasks in the Embryology lab under close watch using the Embryology Dashboard. Gives you a birds-eye-view of all the current status of all active tasks.

Track Media consumption against Treatment Cycles. Record day-wise Embryo growth and attach Embryo images, as desired. Mark Embryos for transfer or freezing. Schedule of Embryo Transfers.

Capture details of Embryo transfer for regular IVF and ICSI.

Obstetrics and Birth recording

Seamlessly integrate with Obstetrics management, managing pregnancy all the way up to Birth Recording. Transition into Postnatal care recording after the birth of the child.

Referral Management

Manage network of referral doctors and send updates on the progress of a referred patient’s treatment to the relevant referral doctor.


Simplify billing with Package pricing. Ensure collection of payments using our configurable milestone based billing. Offer the convenience of multimode payments, with option of online payment. Keep track of unpaid Bills.

Mobile App

Establish a convenient communication channel with patients. Answer queries via chat messages, conveniently share required information with patients and provide a simple method for patients to book appointments online.

Pharmacy & Inventory Management

Manage stock efficiently and in a systematic manner. Be on top of Drug Expiry and get notifications regarding expiring and expired stock.

Never miss a sale due to stock-outs of a drug. Our alternate Drug selection allows you to easily view possible substitutes. Optimise inventory and reduce cost with the smart calculation of ‘Suggested Order quantity’ based on your item usage pattern.

Purchase Management

Manage Rate Contracts with Suppliers. Get the best discounts by working with our specialised Supplier/Manufacturer focused Dashboard. Configure Purchase approval flow, to ensure adequate control on purchases.

Financial, Operational, and Clinical Analytics

Get a comprehensive set of Reports and Dashboards to track performance across Clinics. Get meaningful insights into your Business through our summary Dashboards and detailed MIS reports.

Conduct detailed analysis using any external statistical analysis tools with data exports from the system.

Enforce Legal Compliance

Enforce all legal requirements of IVF practice in the country. System enforces capturing of consent forms at all the configured stages of a Treatment Cycle, as per the norms of your organisation.

Data Security and Integrity

medics IVF uses the latest technologies on its platform to ensure data security. It prevents unauthorised access to patient information. It also maintains a detailed Audit Trail of every access and modification made in the system.

medics IVF has mechanisms to enforce timely recording of data across all your Clinics. It also ensures modifications, when required, are done only by users who have the necessary access rights.